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Getting started with AffiliateFeeds.com

We strongly advise to get started with the demo. You can test anything you’d like to do. Adjust colors, import your own feeds, adjust content, make pages, start blogging. The demo will be reset every 24 hours.

Your own affiliate website

After you have gone through the demo, looked at the features and feel that this is the right fit for you: simply register by choosing the pricing plan that suits your situation best.

Pricing plans

Currently we have three pricing plans:

  1. I have 1 website
  2. I have 2-5 websites
  3. I have more then 5 websites

There are no different features per pricing package. The pricing is based on a license per # of websites. Each plan has:

  • A good looking website;
    • Create your own homepage with different widgets;
    • Your own style (any color is adjustable).
  • An awesome feed tool;
    • Import feeds from any source;
    • Connect your feed to the right category.

Why we charge a starting fee

We’re a small affiliate marketing company specialized in what we do best: affiliate marketing. For this reason we hire a special development company that makes sure your website is perfectly installed, ready to go and to make you money. This means that we have costs and if you choose to stop your subscription, for whatever reason, we need to have them covered. However if 100.000 people would start an account and close it right after, we would be out of business. We’re keeping them as low as we can though. Promise!

After registering

Once you registered as a user, we’re setting up your space. This will take approximate 24 hours. Meanwhile we advise you to start working on:

  • Your logo;
  • The text and images you want on your homepage, categories, blog(s) and pages;
  • Register yourself as a publisher;
  • Start applying for affiliate programs;
  • Get your affiliate feeds in one document;
  • Prepare your standard style values;
  • Want your website in another language then English? Start translating.
Updated on September 24, 2017

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